Google Vs Custom Advertising

If you advertise in business directories, magazines, papers or do leaflet drops:

  • Many of the time you need to pay massive amounts upfront that impair cash flow.
  • It is generally very complex to track how many customers you get from your advertising spend.
  • The ads are generally not well-targeted to the buyer
  • When you advertise with Google PPC or other forms of search engines:
  • You can pay little amounts as you go
  • You can track accurately where people coming from and if they purchase from you
  • You can target buyer with much greater precision
  • We can see accurately what your buyers are in search of and afterward produce ads that are targeted to what they need.

Other Advantages


Launch your campaign off as fast or slow as you like.


We will hone in on the right people you wish to attract, by country or city state.


Have a highly targeted campaign sending quality traffic towards your website by the end of week.


You can drive customers towards you whenever you need.


You can assess your results with precision.

Within Budget

You can set a monthly, weekly or daily limit on how much you wish to invest.

Unlike other types of advertisement where you may wish to spend massive amounts upfront, with Google AdWords you can deal with a low budget and post pay your ads to enhance your cash flow. Join our White Label PPC Reseller Program.

Keep yourself one step ahead of your rivals with an appropriately managed AdWords campaign and see your ads in front of your rivals keeping your brand top of mind. We have been pushing customers to websites and running profitable AdWords campaigns for around 5 years and have an enormous track record of supporting clients making money online.



If you would like to generate more sales now, let us delve into the best keywords and set up or rebuild your campaign with sniper exactitude. We also provide White Label AdWords Management Services at rates that small scale business can afford.


  • Team of Experts → Certifed Google Managers

  • Boost Your Sales → Result Focused Campaign

  • See Quick Results → Campaign Live within 3 Business Days

  • Make Informed Decisions → Daily Reports

  • Let Customers Search For You → Keyword Research Involved

  • Controlling Your Costs → No Lock-in Contracts

Search Network Campaigns


Display Network Campaigns


Remarketing Campaigns


Shopping/Google Merchant Campaigns


Google AdWords Pay per Click advertising is still one of the best ways to generate profitable leads and brings customers towards your business while boosting your brand reach and equity.


Stands for Pay per Click, which indicates you only pay once somebody has clicked on to your advertisement and is sent to your website thus unlike customary forms of advertising you only pay for advertising that drives customers to your door.


We can target your ads particularly to your geographic location and targeted market, so that you are only paying for promoting to qualified leads that are in the demographic you wish to attract.


Unlike other kinds of advertising where you have to pay massive amounts upfront, with AdWords you can deal with a shoestring budget as a few ads start from as low as 5 cents in addition to being able to put a limit on your daily spending.


What nearly all agencies don’t do while operating your AdWords campaigns is to observe the buying intention of keywords prior choosing them for your campaign. This can have a massive impact on the efficiency of your campaign and the ROI that you get from your marketing efforts.

At SEO Wholesalers Australia, we take pride in reviewing each and every keyword to make sure that keywords we use into your campaign have buying aim and in order will provide you a better conversion to sale. It’s so simple to persuade millions of visitors towards your website and if these visitors are not targeted appropriately then many of them will go to waste, because the main objective of any campaign should be to boosts sales more than the investment of the marketing.