Virtual Assistance Australia

Wholesale Virtual Assistance for You and Your Clients

It’s no secret that in this day and age people are constantly struggling to find more time – more time for family, more time for hobbies, and more time for focusing on their businesses. One of the ways we can help free up some time is by offering a branded Virtual Assistant to your clients. This is a great way to support their business, while expanding your own, with minimal risk and zero set up costs. As part of our services you can opt to hire a VA for your own company at wholesale rates.

We’ll take your obligations, recognize them, manage and train the deliverables and output based upon your span of work without you having to raise a finger or so much as taking the responsibility for the work that has been handed over to us.

VA Skills and Types of Service They Can Offer

Here are some ideas of tasks and services a VA can assist you with…

Blog Posting & Management


Social Media Management

Data Entry


Calendar Management

Email Management

Data Mining



Event co-ordination

Process documentation

Search Engine Optimisation

Pay Per Click/Adwords Management





And that’s just to name a few! This list will continue to expand as time goes on. If you’re looking for a particular skill set, please send us your enquiry and we’ll do our best to assist you. Outsource our highly qualified and experienced VA at wholesale rates!

“Time is money, and if you are like 95% of business operators/owners – you are wasting yours.”

Obviously we are not saying that your prolong hours and devotion to your business is a futile exercise, but would you squander your budget on objects you flat out informed were going to obstruct your businesses aptitude to go off into the future? You are the leader for a motive, and you must be leveraging all your acquaintance, strategic prescience and recognition of your industry to expand your business, not spending hours tied to the desk gradually ticking off everyday chores to make sure everything stays afloat.

Regardless of what your business is, a “Highly Dedicated Virtual Assistant” can assist!

If you are spending considerable amount of time and supervising everyday operational tasks that can be assigned to someone else, afterward this is your big break. Leverage off our capability and experience to cost efficiently manages and completes operational chores for your business thus you can spend your time more efficiently.

We know how difficult it can be to get someone you can rely to help you to build your business. Thus, we have developed a team of hard-working, trustworthy Virtual Assistants and dedicated Account Managers to assist you.

All hours clocked will be completely transparent and shared with our clients involving everyday task reporting and hours utilized. Our expertise and knowledge extends beyond the most usually used programs and software to carry out day-to-day operations impeccably for our client’s portfolio.


Merely put we provide world-class Virtual Assistant support. You can feel satisfied in knowing that your business is being looked after by the top in the business. We work determinedly to make sure you are fully satisfied with all work provided and we are cost-effective to boot!

Bear in mind, we aren’t the cheapest company out there nor do we wish to be. Our ultimate objective is always quality!

  • Affordable packages
  • Project Management system
  • You get an enthusiastic project manager
  • Top notch communication
  • Confidentiality assured!
  • Part time, Full time or adhoc rates
  • Outsourcing tips and hints

Learn more about outsourcing and working with a dedicated Virtual Assistant with our tips and hints.